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Being aware of severe summer weather

If you weren’t yet thinking about the hazards of severe summer weather, then governmental agencies have some news for you.

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Council hears mitigation plan

Beulah’s city leadership heard a proposal to mitigate risk of damage from natural disasters early this week.

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Coyote Creek intersection approved

A much debated intersection southwest of Beulah is going to move forward after a public hearing on the topic last week went smoothly.

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Details ironed out for proposed developer’s agreement

Beulah City Councilors wasted no time last week in trying to find the best way forward during a discussion Wednesday night about a proposed developer’s agreement.

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Board of Education hears ‘Late Start’ model

Although the lengthiest agenda item centered around insurance policies, the most debated at the last school board meeting involved changing up the times for teacher professional development.

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Commission moves on road issues

A number of larger road-related issues took up quite a bit of agenda time when the Mercer County Commission met last week.

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Council hears hospital update

Updated plans from the regional hospital were the biggest item of interest during this past week’s regular meeting of the Beulah City Council.

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Dodge City Hall revitalization

After much consideration and a couple years of discussions, Dodge city leaders are looking at moving the city hall.

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Zap council moves forward with streets

Residents aired some final concerns last week on a proposed infrastructure project in Zap that could stretch home budgets thin.

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County zoning reviews non-farm acreage, solid waste disposal

The Mercer County Planning and Zoning Commission last week held some detailed initial discussion on two topics that were on commissioners’ minds.

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