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Council okays funding for housing study

Housing in Beulah has been on more and more agendas in recent months, and that was no different at this week’s city council meeting.

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Early intervention and rehabilitation

Part four in a series on drugs and drug-related enforcement in North Dakota

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KRCC looks back on another year

Directors, staff and residents looked back on another year and its highlights this past Monday when the Knife River Care Center held its annual meeting.

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Crime and Punishment

Third part of a series on drugs and drug-related enforcement in North Dakota.

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Council hears plant proposal

Two topics took up a majority of the Beulah City Council’s discussion this past Monday when the council held its regular meeting.

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North Dakota’s drug problem

Part two in a series about drugs and drug-related enforcement in the state

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Harvest mostly getting done

Most small grains have been harvested throughout Mercer County and beyond, and that means the harvest has moved on to other crops by this time.

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Drug Task Force expands

First in a series on drugs and drug-related issues surrounding Lake Sakakawea

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Council approves finalized budget

Beulah’s city government went forward with next year’s budget this week after brief discussion from city councilors. Councilor Roger Gazur asked for clarification on a transfer of funding dealing with excess highway funds carried over into the next budget.

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Miners add another strong showing

Move to 3-2 overall

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