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Break-ins reported early Monday morning in Beulah

Two break-ins came within minutes of each other early this week in Beulah.

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Courthouse plans presented

Mercer County Commissioners got a firsthand look at new plans for an updated courthouse and jail last week.

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New DUI laws unlikely to hamper enforcement efforts

Tougher DUI laws went into place statewide this summer. While initial legislation on the topic had law enforcement officials throughout the state leery over extreme punitive measures that could have been in place, officials are comfortable that new laws won’t affect enforcement efforts or clog the courts.

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Golden Valley Specialtz open for business

There’s a new welder in town. While Bryan Bohrer was welding in the area for about a decade now, he’s recently moved onto a more entrepreneurial role: business owner. Bohrer previously worked at DGC, but decided to start his own business, Golden Valley Specialtz, when he saw a need for the kind of work he offers in the area.

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Leland Olds Station installs scrubbers

If you drive by the Leland Olds Station, you may notice something new.

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Binder: No-Use policy a litigation nightmare

Although a recent policy recommendation was overturned, the ongoing argument of allowing or forbidding personal use of county equipment has continued forward. Department heads and county commissioners have differed on what they feel is the appropriate outcome, and the person tasked with ultimately having to defend any such policy in the courtroom is speaking out against a policy that would ultimately tie her hands in the courtroom.

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Personal-use policy voted down again

Binder confused by county to trust heads

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City zoning hears residential, hotel plans

City zoning hears residential, hotel plans Two larger projects found approval last week when the Beulah Planning and Zoning Board heard plans to develop residential lots along 11th Street, as well as a still-unnamed hotel on Highway 49.

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Council edges closer to scoria ordinance

A new policy governing the allowable use of scoria found itself as the center of attention last week after being on the city’s back burner for months.

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Thunderstorm floods Lake Shore Estates

Lake Shore Estates residents were struck hard last week after a Sunday night storm brought flooding to their housing development.

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