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City officials discuss developer’s agreements

Two sites with the potential for development were the main topics of discourse this week when Beulah’s City Council held its regular meeting.

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Commission terminates Braun’s employment

Mercer County Commissioners decided last week that it was time to terminate the employment of the county road superintendent, Roy Braun.

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City votes to limit increase

Monday night Beulah residents came out to hear further information – and have their voices heard – during a special meeting regarding the proposed increase of property values.

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Over the phone business

A temporary use permit approved over the phone by county commissioners raised questions about open meeting laws.

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Residents raise concerns over chemicals

About three dozen people came out to a meeting that typically only draws a handful last week to talk the pros and cons of an agronomy center that has been proposed near the crossroads east of Hazen.

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Scoria talk meats up city zoning

The prospect of whether or not to allow using scoria as a base material in Beulah’s city limits proved to be contentious when the topic came up at the last city planning and zoning board meeting.

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Equalization increases brought into question

More than 1,100 households received letters this past week regarding tax equalization increases. That topic was a large source of discussion Monday when the Beulah City Council met for its regular meeting.

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Kaylor named new superintendent

After hours of discussion and interviews, the Beulah School Board narrowed seven candidates down to one, and he’s someone you probably already know.

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Zoning issues top agenda at commission

Zoning topics including Southwest Water’s pipeline, a new mining company and a new gas pipeline were major subjects of discussion during a county meeting last week.

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‘It’s beautiful’

Locals only had one word for the Coal Country Inn March 27 in Stanton. “Wow!”

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