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Local coordinator helping to educate on issues relating to veterans’ health

An area medical outreach coordinator is aiming to do his part in a nationwide initiative to help teach private medical practitioners the current needs related to the health of service members.

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Zoning OKs Basin Transload expansion

After having a month to mull over the topic of expansion at Basin Transload and visiting the site itself, zoning commissioners brought up more questions for the company at its latest meeting.

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Beulah Police Department faces training challenges

Concerns over methods at the Beulah Police Department may have opened lines of communications among area officials, even after one officer was fired.

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Residents speak out against Beulah fireworks ordinance

The review of a city fireworks ordinance by Beulah’s City Council recently prompted discussion from citizens who were worried about the law of unintended consequences.

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AWANA around the corner

One annual program for children is about to start up again for its 29th year here.

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Progress between County Commission and road department

For the first time in nearly a year and a half tensions eased between the Mercer County Commission and the County Highway Department and it looked like progress would be made moving forward.

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Sheriff Danzeisen stresses importance of calling 911

Mercer County’s top law enforcement official is reminding residents about why it is important to call 911 in an emergency, and not go some other route.

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Harvest above average

Combines, trucks and swathers have now been toiling through Mercer County fields for a few weeks, and the overall outlook is generally positive.

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Hoeven takes ‘states-first’ approach on coal ash

BEULAH -- The state’s Republican senator said he wants to keep coal ash regulation out of the federal government’s hands.

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School board narrowly approves public communications policy

New policy was adopted by the school board that set in stone how the board could communicate with the patrons of the Beulah School District.

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