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School consults expert on problem with crumbly bricks

Bricks on the Beulah Middle School are chipping away, and the school board wants to know why.

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H1N1 peaks, but vaccine still a good idea for anyone

The North Dakota Department of Health opened the H1N1 vaccination program to the entire public this week as the second wave of flu cases in the state appears to be waning. Even with fewer cases being reported, the department still stated it is a good idea to be vaccinated, said Heather Weaver of the Custer District Health Unit.

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Coyote Challenge launches smoothly

After two days of hunting, Mercer County and the surrounding areas are without 129 coyotes thanks to 46 teams of thrill seeking hunters.

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Harvest winds down as cold starts rolling on in

Beulah got a light dusting of snow Tuesday, possibly indicating an end to the area’s extended autumn. Fortunately, the extra weeks of combining weather allowed most Mercer County farmers to bring in their crops.

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Combating future disasters

Mercer County is revising its plan to combat future disasters and the public will have a chance to give their input before it is submitted to state and federal authorities.

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Task force to focus on Mercer County flood zone problems

A new Mercer County task force will allow officials to focus both more widely and more closely on flooding issues across the county.

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Bullying is not a part of growing up

Being teased, pushed around, embarrassed and humiliated is all part of growing up, we’re told. It isn’t so, said Rick Heidt, a former Bismarck school superintendent that spoke to Beulah and Hazen students last Thursday.

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Knife River flooding gets its shining moment in the sun

It was Mercer County’s chance to get some attention for its struggles to recover from the 2009 spring flood and ask for assistance to prevent future flooding.

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Flu creates re-teaching opportunity

The Beulah Middle School was hit by a rash of flu related absences in the last few weeks. Many students needed help to catch up on their school work, and that gave teachers and administrators an idea that could help all students.

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Another step toward preparedness

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then Beulah got on the road to preparing for future disasters on Monday.

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