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Annabelle updates council

A proposed housing development and open meeting laws were the main topics of discussion when Beulah’s City Council met this week.

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Kaylor ND’s Principal of the Year

Beulah’s High School Principal just received high recognition at the state level.

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County places Stage II Burn Ban

Large fires and extremely dry conditions made the burn ban a priority topic at the county level when the Mercer County Commission met last week.

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Coal Conversion Counties hope for ‘informal resolution’

The North Dakota Association of Coal Conversion Counties reported to the North Dakota Attorney General’s office that it hopes to reach an “informal resolution” to accusations the board violated the state’s open meeting laws.

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Council discusses street repairs

Although many items were discussed at the most recent City Council meeting, discussion kept returning to crack sealing on Beulah city streets.

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City sets eyes on dilapidated buildings

The city of Beulah has begun the process to address dilapidated buildings throughout town.

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Mercer County oil on the outside looking in

If the forecasters are right, Mercer County is unlikely to see much oil well-drilling activity. At least not the the level of activity seen in nearby counties to the west.

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Questions for county on proposed permits

A few representatives of the agricultural business industry questioned details of Mercer County’s proposed permit program at the Mercer County Commission’s regular meeting March 7 in Stanton.

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District 33 and state agree on Santorum

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Rick Santorum was the Republican presidential candidate of choice in both District 33 and North Dakota as indicated by Super Tuesday's caucus polls results.

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Tipton goes to Washington

What would you do if you were given the chance to lend your voice to a national forum on an issue you cared strongly for?

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