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Financial assistance programs available for producers

The North Dakota Natural Resources Conservation Service is offering several financial assistance programs to farmers and ranchers. Sign-up deadlines for these programs are fast approaching and producers are urged to contact their local NRCS office for more information if they are interested in applying. Programs with upcoming deadlines include the Conservation Stewardship Program, Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative, On-Farm Energy Initiative and the Organic Initiative.

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More lots sold as city talks about its future arrangements

A number of lots were approved to be sold at the City Council’s most recent meeting, where the council also spoke about what the future could hold for the city.

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Zoning board hears initial plans on wind development

In addition to hearing about plans concerning residential development on Mercer County’s north side, the Mercer County Planning and Zoning Board recently heard about wind development on its south side.

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County taking look at higher weight permit fees

It’s a system that’s always been in place and always been used – but never to the extent that it has been recently, and will be in the very near future.

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First lady gives presentation to board

Beulah’s Board of Education heard a presentation from first lady Betsy Dalrymple at the board’s most recent meeting.

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Council overturns lot vote

A vote held by the Beulah City Council late last month was revisited at its most recent meeting that resulted in a change of heart by the council

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Board seeks to extend extraterritorial limits

One of the larger items of discussion at the most recent Beulah Planning and Zoning Board meeting revolved around extending the extraterritorial limits.

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Basin Electric proposing to help power Oil Patch

Basin Electric Power Cooperative is proposing the construction of a 200-mile transmission line from a power plant near Beulah to help power the Oil Patch.

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Settlements reached in road dept. charges

Settlements have been reached in two cases of discrimination charges against the Mercer County Road Department.

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County Road Department brings grievance against commissioner

Three Mercer County employees brought a formal grievance against a Mercer County Commissioner during the most recent County Commission meeting.

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