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Great River Energy announces Stanton Station closure in 2017

With coal energy at the heart of economic and local government life in Mercer County, the ramifications of the coming retirement of Stanton Station will have large impacts throughout the area.

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Commission discusses section road closures

When section lines cross through properties, there are ways for property owners to request the vacating of segments of the line.

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City receives update on Water Park

Jolene Muscha, a member of the Beulah Water Park board, came to the city council meeting prepared with updates on the Beulah Water Park.

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Ambulance board considers options

Even as the Mercer County Ambulance Board tries to make progress on financial reports and management of the service, they are continually plagued with a variety of issues with different ambulances.

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New portfolios to council members

Council members took the time to familiarize themselves with each other.

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Ambulance board gives budget in-depth discussion

Over the course of the last year, the Mercer County Ambulance Board has attempted to smooth over changes in various parts of the service since the resignation of the former manager.

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Hwy 49, completion date October

All drivers have begun to find alternative routes taking them away from the highway 49 construction.

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Commissioners fill county positions

Although the process of appointing people to fill certain non-elected county positions was relatively routine and simple, it highlighted the disagreements between the county commission and certain department heads.

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Wellness Center Project moving forward

Beulah’s Wellness Center Project is very much alive and well.

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Landfill supervisor talks tipping fee increase

A motion was made and unanimously approved to increase tipping fees by $2 at the Mercer County Landfill starting January 1 of 2017, also increasing the tipping fee for Freon removal from $12 to $17.

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