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Drainage proposal gets tabled

Water often proves to be a tricky thing to control, and decisions which individuals make can have further repercussions.

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Beulah officer assaulted at Cobblestone

Beulah City Police Officer Kurt Zazeski was allegedly assaulted by Dawson Tarbell of Beulah March 9.

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City receives $4 million for water treatment plant

Beulah has been in the works to switching from a lime-softening water treatment plant to a membrane system, which is a reverse osmosis water treatment plant.

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Red Friday, the silent ‘thank you’

“I did serve three years for state active duty when North Dakota flooded and was really bad for those three years.

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Council discusses the need for company car

City Council has been in the process of replenishing what was lost in the city shop fire last summer.

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Where are they living?

Mercer County Economic Development Meeting

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Tensions grow as the Late Start proposal fails

Recently principals from all three of Beulah’s schools presented their findings and proposal for a late start on Wednesdays.

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P&Z debates approval of Dakota Access Pipeline in Mercer County

Recently, the upcoming construction of a new urea plant for the Dakota Gasification Company’s Beulah plant has generated lots of discussion related to temporary crew camps to house workers for the construction.

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DGC seeing progress

Dakota Gasification Company’s Urea Plant has begun to make above-ground progress and a lot of the work can been seen.

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City begins to replace equipment lost in fire

Mother Nature has been going back and forth with her decisions on sun or snow; however, spring is nearly here which will lead us to summer

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