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Summer tournament encourages volleyball coach’s confidence

Hazen’s volleyball program is heading into a year of unprecedented change as first-year head coach Linette Irwin takes the reins. The former longtime assistant coach also sees a few vacant positions on the court as for the first time in six seasons a player from the Beecher household will not be slated as the setter. Brittany Beecher was the Bison setter her junior and senior seasons before her younger sister Briana took over the job for the length of her high school career. Renowned as one of the best set of hands in the state, Briana Beecher graduated last spring and hung up her volleyball aspirations for a college education. Another notable loss includes libero Macall Wimer who will be wearing a Williston State College uniform this season.

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Beulah-Hazen High School cross country co-op remains intact

After a recent proposal made to the Hazen School Board for Hazen to break from Beulah and form their own cross country team, it’s been decided the cross country co-op between the two schools will remain intact.

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Astros end season 1-2 at sectionals

Although the Hazen American Legion baseball team had a full roster this go round, their end results were much like 2008’s Section 8 Tournament. The Astros fell in the first round, then rebounded with a dominant second game but failed to get past a third contest.

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Astros earn sixth seed for sectionals

It’s a bad habit that keeps reccurring for the Hazen American Legion team, one no one can seem to put a finger on. But one thing is for sure, no matter the amount of the lead, any game is within reach of a loss. The Astros proved the theory once more this past week as they allowed a 6-4 lead to slip between their fingers as Washburn claimed the 7-6 walk off win in the seventh inning.

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Catchers take a turn at the mound

American Legion baseball established the rule that a game is concluded if a team has a 10-run lead after five innings of play. It was designed to be merciful to teams that are considered unable to return from such a deficit. It almost appears for the Hazen Astros team, however, to be more of a goal than a merciful concession.

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Sibling rivalry aiding Astros win column

Justin Heldstab is in his final year of eligibility for American Legion baseball. The former Mandan player has led the Hazen team as their number two pitcher in the rotation this season. But his younger brother Jeremy is looking to keep the Heldstab tradition strong in the Astros bullpen.

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Curing the 5th inning fallout

Over the course of a season, coaches try to ingrain habits into their players so their body is ready to just instinctively react when a situation calls for it. Unfortunately for the Hazen American Legion baseball team, bad habits are learned the same way – and often are much more difficult to break.

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Friends continuing what a good man began

The third annual Jeff Gustafson Memorial Hockey Camp attracted 75 players to the Hazen All-Seasons Arena last week. But besides lacing up their skates and scoring goals, campers were reminded of the man who gave his passion and smile to continuing the support of hockey in the community.

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Astros looking to bounce back this week

Baseball is a daily game. Each inning can change, every pitch could be different than the last. That’s what head coach Mike Lorenzano is banking on as the Hazen American Legion team needs to make a few adjustments. After a little schedule rearranging last week, the Astros move their record to 1-5, after dropping a pair at home to Washburn last Thursday.

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Pitching a point of interest early on

Last year Mike Lorenzano faced several headaches in his first year as head coach of the Hazen American legion team. Short on available players, the Astros were forced to forfeit a few too many games coming down to the end of the regular season because their roster was stretched too thin between legion and Babe Ruth leagues.

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