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Painted Woods expansion is a go

For the past few years, Trevor Leidy and other Painted Woods Golf Course board members have been dreaming about what that wild country behind the existing nine holes could some day look like if it too were part of the golf course.

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Down, but not out

The summer recreation season is just around the corner.

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Schell’s Tetons fall to Shelton College at Nationals

The Williston Teton girls basketball team fought a good fight in the highly competitive junior college national tournament in Salina, Kan., last week.

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Northern Pike outlook: Booming

North Dakota’s state fish is out there right now, waiting beneath the ice for the skilled or the lucky to catch them.

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Third place for the Cardinals in districts

They didn’t make it look pretty, but they got it done.

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Final day of girls District 10 Tournament delayed

While winter came through on Monday for perhaps its last hurrah of the season, the ice and snow it left in its wake forced the District 10 Tournament in Turtle Lake to be delayed, moving the deciding night from Monday to Tuesday.

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Washburn falls to Shiloh

The Cardinals had a good season, probably better than most people would have anticipated.

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Wilton-Wing boys end season in districts

This year’s field of teams proved, with perhaps the exception of number one seed Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky...

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Wilton-Wing Lady Miners lose two

If there was a bright side to the losses for this year’s Wilton-Wing girls basketball team, it would be that most of them have been close games where a couple of shots and a defensive stand or two could have changed the entire outcome.

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Cardinals beat Garrison but fall to Grant Cty

As the Cardinals of Washburn continued their campaign against district opponents playing the Garrison Troopers last week...

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