Cougar girls’ golf start their season

4/19/12 (Thu)

Cougar girls’ golf start their season
By Mary Hefta
On Thursday, April 12th , part of the Cougar girls’ golf team traveled to Rugby for their first Region 4 tournament of the season. Junior Payton Koenig, freshman Krista Blotske and senior Justine Lelm made the trip to Rugby while junior Sammi Cottingham and freshmen Paige Weisenberger and  Lindsey Duben went to Steele for the small music contests.
Wind and rain  created some obstacles for all the golfers.  Due to the inclement weather, most golfers had higher than normal scores. Due to rain, the girls finished two holes shy of 18 holes.
Blotske shot a 56, Koenig shot a 58 while Lelm shot a 61 on the first 9 holes.