Sports Booster meeting held at TL gym

11/21/12 (Wed)

Sports Booster meeting held at TL gym

This meeting was partly based on so-called misinformation regarding sports camp funding, and that various complaints were being brought up at school board meetings as to why the boys basketball team wasn’t putting on any fundraisers while the girls held so many. The reason given was that the boys’ basketball team does not go on trips outside of ND as the girls do.  It was also stated that the boys coach and/or Superintendent Gaillord Peltier had been covering the cost (of expenses). Peltier wanted to put an end to the confusion, so after talking to the athletic director, the idea of the TL-M-M Sports Booster Club came to light.
A copy of another school’s booster club bylaws and membership information was handed out for referral.  It will be remodeled to fit the needs of Turtle Lake’s Booster Club.
As an introduction to get the ball rolling, Peltier went to the City of Turtle Lake and purchased a Gaming License for $10. According to Peltier, the license will allow the school to sell bingo cards (1,000 of which he purchased) and raffle tickets.