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Cougars take two wins in early going

Central McLean’s Kennedy Fricke struck out nine batters in the Cougars’ fast-pitch softball game last Monday as the Cougars notched a 26-18 win over Westhope-Newburg in their first game of their fledgling softball season.

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Spring sports off and running

The Turtle Lake-Mercer-Mc-Clusky spring sports are off and running.

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Bayless All Region 5 Team

Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky Trojans Chloe Bayless was chosen as a member of the 2013 Region 5 Team at the Region 5 tournament in Mandan Thursday night.

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Trojans District 10 runners up

The Turtle Lake-Mercer McClusky Trojans were defeated in the Championship game of District 10 by the Underwood Comets 52-36.

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Trojans third in Region 5

The Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky Trojans placed third in the Region 5 Boys Tournament.

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Trojan girls end regular at 10-9

The Trojans ended their reg-ular season with 10 wins and nine losses and go into the District 10 tournament as the number one seed.

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Trojans 2013 District 10 Champs

The Turtle Lake- Mercer Mc-Clusky Trojans defeated the Washburn Cardinals 67-50 in the District 10 Championship game Saturday night in Washburn.

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Trojans defeat Mustangs

The Trojans upped their season record to nine wins and seven losses with an 85-40 win over the Surrey Mustangs Friday night on the home court.

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Trojans crush Wildcats

The Center/Stanton Wildcats were in town for a double header district match-up with the Trojans Tuesday night.

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Trojans battle Cardinals

The Washburn Cardinal were in town for a double header Jan.17.

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