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Comets fight hard, can’t cage the Wildcats

The Underwood Comet boys’ basketball team played their first game of the season as they hosted Center-Stanton on Monday night.

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Tough finish for Underwood Comets

The Underwood Comet volleyball team ended their season fighting hard after some tough competition the last two weeks.

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Comets show strength in loss to Flasher

The Underwood Comets volleyball team wasn’t going to go all the way to Flasher just to get the ball pounded back in their faces.

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Underwood netters fight to stay ablaze

The Underwood Comet volleyball team took on Grant County, Wilton and Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky and struck out after three failed attempts to reach a win.

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Comets dig down deep against Cardinals

The Comets didn’t end with a win on Oct. 5 against the Washburn Cardinals but they didn’t go down without a fight.

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Cougars turn over win to Cardinals

The Central McLean Cougars suffered a pair of losses the past two weeks.

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Comets dominate Sawyer Flashes

Last Tuesday, the Underwood Comet volleyball team used their practiced skills wisely and managed to win 3-0 against Sawyer on Sawyer’s own floor.

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Wilton-Wing slips by Lady Comets

If the Underwood Comet volleyball team learned one thing in their game against the Wilton-Wing Miners on Thursday, they learned that momentum is a fickle thing.

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Cougars tromp Black Devils 50-30

Steady rains prior to Friday night’s game against the Hettinger Black Devils didn’t dampen the spirits of the Central McLean Cougars.

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Comets teach Center but learn a lesson from Glenburn

The Comets’ second game of the year was another three-period win for the team that went on their first road game of the season against Center-Stanton.

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