Aggies sting the Hornets

9/24/08 (Wed)

“A lot of people labeled us a rebuilding team last year when we went to the playoffs, but I felt we were contenders,” said Velva Head Football Coach Larry Sandy. “I feel we’re contenders this year, too, and this win was a good ‘arrival’ game for this crew.”
And with last Friday’s 20-7 win over the reigning state champion Harvey Hornets, one would be hard pressed to debate the point with Sandy.
The Aggies pounded the Hornets up front while keeping tabs on Harvey’s top running back as they made their way to the big win. Sandy mixed up the offense as the Aggies put up 144 passing yards (7 of 13 completions) and 147 rushing yards in 42 carries. The Hornets went 4 of 16 passing for 91 yards in the air and put out 91 yards on the ground.
“This game gives us back our identity,” Sandy said. “It shows us who we are and where we are.”