Hornets sting Aggies

11/13/08 (Thu)

It was a crushing defeat at the hands of a team bent on revenge as the Velva Aggies lost the state semifinal game to Harvey, 27-0. The game, scheduled to be played at Velva’s home field, was moved to the Minot State University field due to weather, and because MSU was hosting their own playoff game, kick off was bumped back to 6:30 p.m.
Unlike the regular season game when the Aggies successfully contained Harvey’s standout running back Kordel Wolfe, they were unable to do so last Saturday. Wolfe scored all four of Harvey’s touchdowns and racked up over 150  yards on his own.
Harvey had 281 yards rushing in the semifinal game and Velva put down 101, led by Josh Weidler with 39. Michael Wiest had 33 yards in 8 carries, quarterback Tyler Ystaas had 23 yards in 6 keepers, and Kyle Kuntz managed 15 yards in 8 rushing attempts.