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BEK offers progress update on high-speed fiber-optic services

Reliable Internet, TV, and broadband services are not among the many benefits of rural living in southeastern Oliver County.

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Robocats bring home awards from FIRST Tech Challenge

In only their second year of competition, the Center-Stanton Robocats robotics team is doing something right.

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Future uncertain for Beulah mine workers

In 2012, four years must have seemed like an eternity to employees at the Beulah mine.

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BSC ag students put concepts into practice at Harner Farm

The best way to connect abstract concepts to reality is to put them into practice.

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Chairs first installment in Golden Age projects

As of last Thursday, visitors to the Golden Age Club have softer seating while they enjoy the noon meal, work on a jigsaw puzzle, play cards, or just enjoy each other’s company.

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‘Next Generation’ message applies beyond agriculture

These aren’t your parents’ policies anymore.

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Candidates & calendar top CSPS agenda

The Center-Stanton School Board had the difficult task of narrowing the superintendent candidate field from 10 quality applicants to three.

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Commission takes action on power poles

Commissioners agreed on a decisive direction at the Jan. 7 regular meeting.

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City Council addresses HVAC issues

While people in one room of the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center reach for their coats to ward off the chill, windows are open in another to lower what feels like a tropical heat wave.

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Power pole siting controversy dominates commission agenda

The controversial siting of five transmission line structures in the road ditch south of 23rd Street SW west of ND 25 and across from the Yucca Cemetery, once again dominated an Oliver County Commission agenda, this time at the commission’s end-of-year meeting Dec. 29, 2015.

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