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Adventure across the rolling prairie

It’s got four wheels, but can it outrun a Chevy? Probably not.

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Close bond remains for Hatzenbihler brothers

Like many farm children of their day, MJ and Ralph Hatzenbihler spent a lot of time together. The Hatzenbihler boys did chores together, rode horses to school together and generally kept themselves occupied.

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CSHS celebrates the Class of 2013

Center-Stanton High School honored the Class of 2013 at its graduation ceremony Sunday, May 26 in the high school gymnasium. The fourteen students receiving their diplomas were Valedictorian Beverly Gress, Salutatorian Whitney Rud, Lindsey Buchmann, Alexa Erhardt, Jordon Hoffman, Gage Massoli, Casey Merritt, Paige Mosbrucker, Matthew Newman, Nathan Paislee, BreAnna Schutt, Brenden Sweeney, Dakkota Talmo and Whitney Wiedrich. Gress earned highest honors with a 4.0 grade point average; honor students (3.25 GPA or above) were Mosbrucker, Newman, Paislee and Rud.

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Some things are worth waiting for, while others need a nudge

Wilbert Mosbrucker spent most of his life on the farm. “I was only off the farm for about six weeks, when I worked for an implement dealer,” he chuckles.

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Herding cats? City seeking alternative for trapped strays

Sheriff’s Deputy Kenny Rud appeared before the City Council May 13 to provide an update on the stray cat issue. Rud reported that people have been checking out the live traps, which are now available through the city offices. Several farmers have allowed people to release trapped cats on their properties.

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Activities expenses prompt lively discussion

Concern about fair and appropriate funding of travel costs for school activities prompted a lively discussion at Thursday’s Center-Stanton Public Schools board meeting. Music director Lacey Hanson attended the meeting to encourage support of all students who qualify for state events. Hanson’s concerns stemmed from inequalities in the current system that she feels need to be addressed.

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Farmers’ children all grown up

They didn’t meet in high school. They didn’t meet in church. Their parents weren’t best friends and they weren’t living just across the street from each other. Eugene and Edith Albers weren’t victims of young love but they did fall in love during a generation of love – the ’70s.

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‘Happily Never After’ to debut this Friday

A play that takes a comedic look at fairytale marriages will be coming soon to an auditorium near you.

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What if it exploded?

How would Dakota Gasification Company and Mercer County emergency staff react if part of the Great Plains Synfuels Plant exploded?

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Salad luncheon draws a crowd

The United Methodist Women’s 30th Annual Salad Luncheon and Quilt Show and Sale April 24 drew a steady stream of people to the Betty Hagel Community Center. Guests were greeted with nostalgic displays of vintage cooking, canning, quilting and kitchen items, along with some catalogs and other reading material. Spare aprons were on hand for those who hadn’t brought their own and were willing to join in on the theme.

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