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The war on coal

North Dakota leaders and the coal industry are ready to go to war against the president’s plan to reduce carbon emissions from coal plants.

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Heroes in flight

Help does come from the skies sometimes, but not in the form of a caped superhero.

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Hazen, Center-Stanton miss AYP once again

Less than a third of North Dakota’s school districts passed a national proficiency test, and school officials say the standards must change.

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Can you hear me? No

More than 14,000 West River Telecommunications customers were unplugged Monday afternoon.

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‘Black Plant’ work underway

Once-per-decade work has begun at Dakota Gasification Company’s Great Plains Synfuels Plant that will seek to keep the facility up-to-date and running smooth.

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Rudningen ousts Schmidt for C-S school board spot

The people spoke at the polls June 4 for the Center-Stanton High School school board election, electing three people. Voters numbered 108 between the two polling locations in Center and Stanton.

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WBI Energy plans 400-mile stretch for natural gas in ND

A 400-mile pipeline that could help transport natural gas from the Oil Patch may pass through Oliver County’s backyard, officials said recently.

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Village Gallery to host 35th art show

The Village Gallery in Center will celebrate its 35th annual art show Friday and Saturday at the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center. The art show is held in conjunction with Oliver County Old Settlers Days.

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Adventure across the rolling prairie

It’s got four wheels, but can it outrun a Chevy? Probably not.

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Close bond remains for Hatzenbihler brothers

Like many farm children of their day, MJ and Ralph Hatzenbihler spent a lot of time together. The Hatzenbihler boys did chores together, rode horses to school together and generally kept themselves occupied.

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