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DOT asks for signage, weed control from county

Road signs are meant to explain in the simplest terms. The red, octagon sign simply means “Stop.” The red and white triangle sign means “Yield.” Orange signs usually mean construction is coming up. A sign declaring whether a road is county or state property, will help out the drivers wanting to know who to call.

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Water projects get $31 million

A bill giving $31 million to rural water projects could help local residents get water faster.

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Volunteer Lennick Star of Life award

Leslie Lennick prefers to stay “under the radar.” That wasn’t possible earlier this month when she was presented with a Star of Life Award by the North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association during a ceremony at the state capitol. Lennick is a 25-year volunteer with the Oliver County Ambulance Service; she was one of eight honored statewide at this year’s Star of Life celebration.

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It’s quitting time

Retirement is not new to Basin Electric Power Cooperative, but rising numbers indicate it could lose 410 employs by the end of the decade.

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Paralympian Cross captivates CS students

Three-time Paralympian Aaron Cross was almost always in motion, but Center-Stanton students were so still during his presentation one could have heard a pin drop when Cross paused.

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‘Colter’s torment’

“What’s next, Colter?” Carolyn Woodruff asked her son a simple question that parents ask children after they finish a project. Colter Dallman wasn’t a child anymore but a grown man with a weight upon his shoulders that he could no longer carry. Carolyn asked her only son what was next on his life’s journey at Christmas time last year.

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Youth contribute to sheep futures

The “miracle of birth” may be the farthest from stock producers’ minds at the height of the spring birthing season, no matter what type of livestock is involved. Births occur during cold—and often miserably snowy, windy—weather, during all hours of the day and night. Stock must be monitored round-the-clock, as birthing complications undetected in the early stages may result in loss of the mother and/or offspring.

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Safer roadways and brighter minds

Although there are a lot of subjects District 33 Rep. Brenda Heller is interested in this legislative session, her specific committee work has her in familiar territory.

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Security approved for OC courthouse

Everyone seemed to leave happy, County Commission Chairman Lee Husfloen said at the Feb. 7 meeting.

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Permit not needed to oil wrestle

The oil wrestling event scheduled for March 2 at the Lone Wolf does not, at least on the surface, violate the city’s entertainment and live performances on licensed premises ordinance. Dale Barth, owner of The Lone Wolf, submitted a request to the city for a permit for the event. The request was referred to city attorney John Mahoney during the January City Council meeting.

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