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3 fires in 24 hours prompts burn ban reminder

It was not a test.

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Retirees share common threads as well as their courthouse ties

Diane Bubel and Penny Pulver will celebrate their retirements from service to Oliver County on the same day, but that isn’t the only common thread between the two.

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Local youth and The Young Americans dazzle audience

The crowd packed the bleachers and filled several additional rows of chairs, murmuring in anticipation of what was to come.

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3-D printer brings design and production to a new level

Their parents might see the latest technology tool in the Center-Stanton High School Agriculture Education Department as something right out of Star Trek or some other science fiction tale.

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BEK offers progress update on high-speed fiber-optic services

Reliable Internet, TV, and broadband services are not among the many benefits of rural living in southeastern Oliver County.

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Robocats bring home awards from FIRST Tech Challenge

In only their second year of competition, the Center-Stanton Robocats robotics team is doing something right.

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Future uncertain for Beulah mine workers

In 2012, four years must have seemed like an eternity to employees at the Beulah mine.

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BSC ag students put concepts into practice at Harner Farm

The best way to connect abstract concepts to reality is to put them into practice.

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Chairs first installment in Golden Age projects

As of last Thursday, visitors to the Golden Age Club have softer seating while they enjoy the noon meal, work on a jigsaw puzzle, play cards, or just enjoy each other’s company.

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‘Next Generation’ message applies beyond agriculture

These aren’t your parents’ policies anymore.

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