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CCC welcomes new members to board

It was light business and light lunch at a recent Coal Conversion Counties board of director meeting in Hazen.

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Cross Ranch Park makes an exquisite comeback

Last year at this time, much of the Cross Ranch State Park, located six miles southeast of Hensler, was underwater from the flooding Missouri River.

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New water, budget cuts and compromise for City Council

The Center City Council had many topics on the table when they met July 9.

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Corn, wheat and the march of the weevils

There is no doubt that the past few years have not been easy for Oliver County farmers. However, this year’s harvest seems to be shaping up nicely.

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JP/L wins at McQuades tourney

The odds weren’t in favor of Jimmy’s Pizza/Longshots on the first day of the McQuades Softball Tournament. A bird pooped on one player and another player broke her nose during the team’s first game. JPL battled through poop and injuries to capture the McQuades Rec three division title.

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Temporary liquor license problem close to solution

One of the hottest topics discussed at the July 6 County Commission meeting were two pending temporary liquor licenses. The commission expressed some concern as to allow the catering of these services from businesses located outside the county. Their chief concern was extensive catering might harm some of the small business in the community. Commissioners also expressed understanding however, that individuals had a right to choose whom they give their business. The conversation then turned to compromises.

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Cattle shot and killed in SE Oliver County

Nine dead animals were found in the evening of July 4 in the pastures of two Oliver County ranchers.

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Christmann opts to campaign

Following an announcement recently that District 33 Sen. Randel Christmann, Hazen, could be appointed to the North Dakota Public Service Commission due to a change in the North Dakota Constitution, Christmann announced he would rather seek election to the vacant seat in November.

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Chippin’ some flint at KRIV

There were no Wal-Marts in the 1700s, Marv Bechler pointed out, as he chipped away at a jagged chunk of Knife River flint.

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West River Telecom details successful year

The words of former West River Telecom manager Dale Albers 40 years ago still ring true today for WRT: “We’re optimistic as heck.”

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