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High School days are over

Seniors at Center-Stanton High School became graduates at the commencement ceremony May 27 at the C-S gymnasium.

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They’re just an ocean away

Culture shock isn’t always a welcoming experience but there are some individuals who anticipate it. Two young women, not even old enough to vote, left their homes for almost an entire year to get the American experience. It was one they will not forget.

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The Price is right

Pulling up to the driveway to Ray and Mary Price’s A-frame house located on River Road in rural Oliver County, set the stage for an adventurous and creative encounter.

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Does a permissive social culture damage children?

As graduating teens flow out of high schools across North Dakota this month, many families will host open house events where loved ones and friends will gather to congratulate the giddy graduates. It is a time for celebration, the beginning of a new stage in life.

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Training set for new bullying program at CS

Across the nation a wave of intolerance is expressed against bullying and Center-Stanton School District has joined the effort to fight.

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Local opportunities to stay fit

Those who have been hibernating over the winter might now be coming out of their dens to welcome the longer days and warmer weather.

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County contends with Nature's lousy results

Information about hay filled sirens and snotty road conditions, were among a list of Mother Nature's effects that were discussed at the Oliver County Commissioners meeting May 3.

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Interim manager in place at Falkirk Elevator at Washburn

Falkirk Farmers Elevator, Washburn, has a new interim manager in place after the resignation of manager Ron Hefta. The news is a step forward for the co-op that just weeks ago had to put the brakes on the merger between Falkirk Farmers Elevator and Hazen Farmers Elevator with CHS/Garrison Farmers Union Elevator due to discrepancies in a voluntary investigation.

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Farm Rescue lessens area farmer’s pain

Robert Kilber, Hazen, “blew apart” his lumbar vertebrae in a crash last fall along Interstate 94 near New Salem.

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Area schools look at salaries

Several area schools are at the table or heading to the table as board members and educators set the salary schedule for the next school year.

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