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Snow emergency declared for Oliver County

The Oliver County Commission declared a snow emergency Friday, Feb. 4, a move that will allow access to the county emergency fund of $22,000 and allow the county to apply for further emergency grant funding.

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Leaking courthouse roof still an issue for county

Only time will tell whether repairs to the leaking courthouse roof were solved after a representative of the roofing membrane company came by at the end of December.

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A busload of students, priceless

One truckload of wheat – $8,800, a tanker of diesel fuel – $28,000, one load of cattle – $35,000. A busload of students – priceless.

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School board still fact finding on going paperless

The Center-Stanton School Board has not yet made a decision about taking their meetings paperless by using laptop computers, but the subject was discussed at length at the Jan. 13 monthly meeting.

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Oliver road crews working every day

The Oliver County shop began working a split shift Sunday, Jan. 9 in order to provide seven-day service to the county.

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School weather tower still reports conditions

People in the Center area have something many small towns don’t – up to the moment weather information available on the Internet or television Local Community Access Channel 10.

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Clark awarded Oliver Soil Conservation Achievement honors

Lord knows farming is a demanding and often thankless business. But once in awhile a guy gets a pat on the back for doing his best to take care of the land while still making a living from it.

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SWA treatment plant to mark near-end of pipeline project

From washing clothes to watering cattle, the Southwest Water Pipeline Project will bring some welcomed water to area residents.

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Center-Stanton schools show some improvement

“You’ve shown growth.” This statement by Bill Demaree sums up the findings of a school improvement team that visited the Center-Stanton Public School Nov. 16.

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Oliver County’s singing, banjo picking treasurer

Everyone has a hero. For Lee Benjamin, it’s Earl Scruggs, world renowned musician noted for perfecting and popularizing 3-finger style picking on the 5-string banjo.

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