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Revaluation of ag. land deemed wrong by some

Oliver County Commissioners, along with the Oliver County Tax Director Teri Schulte, shed some understanding on the reasons county agricultural land is experiencing an average 19-30 percent increase in value in recent months.

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AG suspends Cahoon’s alcohol sales

An investigation into alleged liquor law violations at Cahoon’s Bar and Grill has resulted in suspension of the business’s liquor license, ordered by the North Dakota Attorney General.

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Couple endures mission of heart, hands

Calloused hands and empty Aleve bottles were among the souvenirs acquired during Melton and Sandy Olin’s latest vacation to the tropics.

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CCC hopes for ‘informal resolution’

The North Dakota Association of Coal Conversion Counties reported to the North Dakota Attorney General’s office that it hopes to reach an “informal resolution” to accusations the board violated the state’s open meeting laws.

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Rock takes journey into science and geology

About 35 years ago Clem Becker, who worked for the Knife River Mine until retirement several years ago, found an unusual rock while walking the hills south of Beulah for work one day.

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County landmark finds new home

Those who unexpectedly caught a glimpse of the Hickle barn being moved down the road may have done a double-take to rule out having seen an apparition. The barn, indeed, seemed to be eerily floating as it covered approximately 13 miles before reaching its new location.

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Oliver County looks at man camp amendment

If oil boom man camps head further east, Oliver County will be prepared. Oliver County Planning and Zoning board member Dan Bueligen met with the County Commission March 8 with an update on the development of man camp regulations for the county.

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District 33 and state agree on Santorum

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Rick Santorum was the Republican presidential candidate of choice in both District 33 and North Dakota as indicated by Super Tuesday's caucus polls results.

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Coal Conversion County members wait to see what’s next on agenda

McLean County Commissioners Ron Krebsbach, Steve Lee and Julie Hudson-Schenfisch all say it was the advice from their legal counsel, McLean County States Attorney Ladd Erickson, that brought them to leave from the Coal Conversion Counties group. The reasoning for the advice was that it appeared the board of directors was violating open meeting laws by communicating via email.

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Neibauer enjoying retirement from city after 35 years

Center residents may have noticed half the usual city vehicles running about town, especially now that some snow has been clogging the streets.

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