District 33 and state agree on Santorum

3/08/12 (Thu)
Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Rick Santorum was the Republican presidential candidate of choice in both District 33 and North Dakota as indicated by Super Tuesday's caucus polls results. Republicans in District 33, which includes all of Oliver County, most of Mercer County and part of Morton County, cast 95 votes for Santorum, 82 votes for Rep. Ron Paul, 44 votes for Gov. Mitt Romney and 23 for Speaker Newt Gingrich. District 33 voting locations were open in both Hazen and Mandan. Totals from the state's 47 legislative districts were as follows: 4,510 votes for Santorum, 3,186 votes for Paul, 2,691 votes for Romney and 962 votes for Gingrich. The 11,349 votes cast is the highest total recorded for North Dakota Republican presidential caucuses. North Dakota's 28 delegates aren't bound by the caucus results, but are encouraged by party leaders to cast their ballots according to the wishes of the majority at the Republican National Convention in August.