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Roadwork completion draws mixed reaction

Over the last year, several major road projects have occurred around the county.

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“Santa Cause” brings art and charity together

Local businesses often take advantage of the Christmas season for clever promotions and ideas.

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Rural county church gears up for Christmas program

Quietly tucked away in rural Mercer County, a small congregation prepares for a big celebration as the Christmas season approaches.

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Tigirlily in top 10 for national competition

Two Hazen sisters who have become a national singing sensation have become one of the top 10 finalists in a national challenge.

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Synergy pitches “Crew Lodge” to Mercer County

Public hearing came in at no public attendance on the most recent presentation for a crew lodge facility to accommodate plant workers.

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Flight instructor speaks about flying lessons for Mercer County

By Daniel Arens Many people, if given the chance, would jump on the opportunity to learn how to fly a plane. But the cost and time required for such an opportunity can be daunting. This Saturday, a flight instructor from Bismarck came to the Mercer County Regional Airport to address these concerns and see if there was any interest from local residents in having flight instruction provided. Roughly 10 years ago, a similar effort to bring an instructor only generated one person willing to pay the cost of training. This year, nearly 20 people attended the meeting, with a wider amount of interest in making something work. Garhett Lenger spoke to the cost concern, saying that the total cost of the training was around $7,000, but that there were ways to handle the cost. He talked about forming small groups that could split costs for a plane among them. These groups could not grow too large, as additional fees would be administered, so Lenger recommended roughly four people to a group if possible.

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Strong turnout for EPA meeting

Turnout at a meeting in Beulah regarding the Clean Power Plan exceeded all expectations.

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Beulah meeting will voice concerns on EPA regulations

Beulah has been selected as one of four communities in the state to host a North Dakota Department of Health meeting regarding the Clean Power Plan.

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American Legion events recognize Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a time to honor all those who are serving or have served in our nation’s military, and many communities will hold special events to celebrate the holiday.

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New hospital construction focus of annual meeting

It was almost as if you could hear the sound of construction teams at work around the hospital building.

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