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Washburn Cobblestone Inn & Suites

"Big city quality, small town values."

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PLC: time for Washburn teachers to collaborate

Washburn teachers Tracy Jaeger and Brooklyn Schaan, on behalf of the school’s improvement committee, presented the details of a proposed Professional Learning Community (PLC) to the Washburn School Board at their recent meeting

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Shop ‘til you drop

When a small business does well, the community it dwells in does too.

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‘Imagination Library’

A book is a device to ignite the imagination.

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Region VII drama champions

"Nearly flawless" and "Several lines gave me the shivers" were just a couple of the comments...

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Two in favor, two opposed

Members of the Wilton School Board were split on their decision to approve a bid from Wilton Builders to install a drainage system on the north side of the school, to move water away from the building and onto the street.

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‘Sucker-punched’ by contractors

Birka Lutheran Church is 108 years old and according to Julie Rader, council president and lifetime member, it’s not going anywhere.

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Rookie Baptists win Pumpkin Chuck’n

Youth leaders typically don’t encourage their students to walk around smashing things.

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Adam Thomas ‘Operator of the Year’

Adam Thomas, Washburn Water Treatment Plant operator, recently received an "Operator of the Year" award at the 86th Annual North Dakota Water and Pollution Control Conference (NDWPCC).

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Special Assessment Committee

Dennis Van Hoorn was recently appointed to the Special Assessment Committee, filling the position vacated by Luke Retterath.

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