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Great River expands and dryfines in China

Great River Energy will be opening their Spiritwood power plant near Jamestown next fall where they will begin marketing their lignite coal dryfining process that is receiving world-wide attention.

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Deer season opens Friday for fewer hunters

The North Dakota Game and Fish issued fewer licenses for deer season this fall.

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Cracking down on crime

The county will have to dig into its own pocket to help pay the salaries of two new deputies after county commissioners approved advertising for two full-time deputies...

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Catholics win Punkin’ Chunkin’ Open

With temperatures in the mid 40s, a bone-chilling wind and a freshly-harvested field at the ready, conditions were about perfect for smashing pumpkins on the North Dakota prairie on Sunday.

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Wiese women plan annual God’s Child trip

After a two-week trip to Antigua, Guatemala, this August, Jill, Kayla and Ashley Wiese-Stewart agreed that once was not enough.

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City to fill holes after removing trees

Following an early October snowstorm, the City of Wilton stepped up and decided to remove tree branches from boulevards for residents.

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City deals with water

The City of Washburn recently received a 50 percent grant to cover a portion of the cost of a water intake remodel.

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Resource Center to start building campaign

Crammed into an old building on Washburn’s Main Avenue, is one of the places of refuge for those in great need in the county.

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City street projects wind down

Commissioners voted to move forward with surveying for the next big street project in town at Monday’s regular city commission meeting.

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Course to be prime, playable by August

Taking on a project to more than double the size of the Painted Woods Golf Course in one summer was a painstaking process.

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