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Elementary works to melt Grinch’s heart

Most of you know about the story of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

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Wholesale Ag named outstanding pesticide dealer

When state inspectors make their rounds of over 1,000 seed and chemical sites throughout the state of North Dakota, they keep an eye out for those that go above and beyond what’s expected.

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Dancing eight prepared to dazzle

With flexibility that would make most of us shiver in pain, the Washburn Expressions are stretching their abilities to reach new levels in their dance routines.

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Buyers misinformed on property setbacks

Jim and Marcie Felt, recent buyers of lots in the High Park North addition in Wilton, heard they would have to change their measurements on Wednesday night.

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Locals attend Dollars for Scholars conference

Jayne Pochant, Annette Weisgarber, Julie Broderick and Jim Kaiser of the Washburn Area Dollars for Scholars...

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Thanks a lot!

Looking around at the world events can cause a person to really get down about their circumstances – if you focus on the negative.

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Marathon canceled, hope restored

What was meant to be one of Jeff Turning Heart Jr.’s greatest accomplishments in athleticism turned into an opportunity to accomplish something even greater.

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County recorder requests equipment

Beth Knutson, McLean County Recorder, brought several requests before commissioners during the regular commission meeting Nov. 7.

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Commissioner Hudson-Schenfisch resigns

There will be two new faces on the board of the McLean County Commissioners.

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Grief support group meeting Thursdays

Individuals in Washburn have organized a grief support group for anyone that has suffered a loss of a loved one.

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