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Charging exits, Seiler steps in

The annual meeting of the Washburn School board members included discussion on another positive looking future.

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GRE’s request denied

There will be no oil field waste dumpsite in McLean County – at least for now.

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Give blood

When is the last time you had an opportunity to save a life?

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County commission to make landfill decision

County commissioners want to lay out some ground rules before what’s expected to be a crowded commission meeting on July 16.

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Bluegrass goes Pink at Cross Ranch

The power of networking is helping to expand the bluegrass music opportunities in North Dakota.

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Voglewede proud to become part of school, community

The role of a principal is to provide leadership in such a way that brings out the best in teaching staff and students.

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Shaping the course of the future

“Your course is gorgeous,” an out-of-town golfer said while checking out after a few holes at the Painted Woods Golf Course last week.

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Grubbs moved out, not gone for good

Their new home is in Mandan, but the hearts of the Grubb family remain in Washburn.

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New 4-H Camp building to begin soon

The North Dakota 4-H Camp near Washburn will launch a major renovation and expansion project later this year with a combination of state funding and private donations.

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Freeman heads to Miss High School America

For several years, Megan Freeman of Washburn has been involved in pageantry in North Dakota.

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