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City commission: Nothing to discuss about water meters

The transfer from the old manually read water meters, to the new radio transmitted meters has been flowing fairly smoothly for the city.

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Deacon Nistler retires after 10 years in Wilton

An open house retirement celebration was held at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Wilton Sunday, May 2, from 2 to 4 p.m., for Jim and Henrietta Nistler.

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Leaving on a high note

Band and choir students from kindergarten through sixth grade performed multiple songs and two different productions during the Elementary Spring Concert, April 30.

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Fourth grade history buffs came out to play

Many North Dakota residents might like to think they know their history, but area fourth graders had to prove it last Friday at the third annual Middle Misouri History Bee.

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How much water do you really use?

If you haven’t met Richard Parker or Mark Dicken yet, you soon will.

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Courthouse move runs into some technical difficulties

The McLean County Courthouse continues to cause frustrations for county commissioners and courthouse employees, as more needs to be done before anyone can move.

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Clothing pantry is no more

It was a place for locals to buy cheap, quality clothes and get a little bit of friendly chatter on the side.

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Hensler woman named North Dakota Mother of the Year

Family has always meant everything to Sally Hillstrom.

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School board talks cell-phones; signs off on upcoming projects

The Washburn School Board opened their April meeting with concerns about cell-phone use on school property.

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DMVW railroad is back on track south of Washburn

Sunday was no day of rest for Dakota Missouri Valley and Western Railroad workers who laid new track at the site of the derailment on Turtle Creek, 2 miles south of Washburn.

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