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Election process change considered

What should they do?

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Wilton Christmas concert/spaghetti dinner is Thursday

The Wilton School students are preparing for a night of merriment as the high school concert and spaghetti dinner takes place from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday at the Wilton School.

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Join Washburn elementary for Christmas concert

The Washburn elementary students have been working hard on the annual Christmas concert, which is being presented to the public at 7:30 p.m.

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City employees not expected to survey property

The Washburn City Commission continues to look over buildings and other structures going up without proper permits.

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One-Act team takes fourth at state

One of the finest performances with one of the youngest groups of students at Washburn High School brought the team of 20 Washburn students a fourth place finish at the State B one-act competition.

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A more fitness-friendly Memorial Building

It’s been some time since Washburn has had a fitness facility for residents to pump iron or run up a good sweat.

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Pageantry: More than just a great smile

The back stage of the Miss Grand Forks Scholarship Pageant is a place where Kayla Wiese never wanted to be.

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Answering the call

You see him zipping up and down the streets of Washburn in his K&D Services work truck.

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Flag retirement starts new tradition

It became clear to the Wilton American Legion that the Wilton community cares about the symbol of freedom when on Saturday morning they had three boxes of American flags to retire.

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Interior storage face lift pending for Wilton

Celebrations and assorted events held at Wilton’s Memorial Hall have brought people from the community and across the nation together for many years.

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