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Champions in feeder steers recognized

The awards highlighted the champions in steers that gained, those who bred and raised them, and a lot of hard work on the part of the Dakota Feeder Calf Show people who put stars on ranching report cards for all to see.

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Pink is the color of love

She is a tiny little thing in pink, holding the delicate bracelets she has woven in just a short time. Jolynne Ruth Strobel, the daughter of Heidi and Terry had joined her mother in the acts of love that also show compassion.

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Student score well on SCD Tour

The Annual 7th Grade Conservation tour, sponsored by Sheridan County, North and South McHenry County SCDs, was held on Thursday, September 18th at the Lonetree Wildlife Management Area South of Martin.

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Bubble galore at local math event

The math event at McClusky Elementary School was a huge success for the large number of parents and students who attended held on Thursday evening.

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Education minor fuels long and varied career

Sometimes, what turns out to be important has come from a secondary talent in personal lives. In the life of Roberta (Rose) Froehlich, her start in teaching came from her minor, home economics, not her major, political science.

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2014 SCD Achievement winners for Sherican County

Kevin and Sherry Korus, Denhoff, were chosen as the 2014 Soil Conservation Districts Achievement Award Winners for Sheridan County They will be honored at Sheridan County Soil Conservation District’s Annual Awards Banquet held later this year and also at the North Dakota Association of Soil Conservation Districts Annual Convention held on November 23-25 in Bismarck.

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Many drops to drink

The areas of central North Dakota are dotted with water: lakes, sloughs, potholes and springs. While spectacular for wildlife and often handy for livestock, the water is not often clean enough for human consumption or in the right place.

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Head Start celebrates fifty years of success

Head Start was part of President Lyndon Johnson’s "War on Poverty."

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Many Paths one mountain top

"I will not quit, no matter what it takes," said Gail Lowe of her hiking on the North Country Trail.

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City bid specs don't match

With two members absent, the septic tank/lift station discourse went undecided at the September 8 meeting of the McClusky City Council.

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