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Bringing in big bucks with good laborers and good sausage

“Lots” of McClusky residents came in to have breakfast for supper and bid on their favorite FFA member, getting a few hours of work for their bucks.

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Standing on the rock; returning home

Those who are old, know the pull to reconnect; those who are young will someday wonder at the urge to once again see their roots.

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Sheridan County 4-H Awards recognize achievements

Sheridan County 4-H Council held its annual Awards Banquet on October 9 at the McClusky Elementary School.

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Cemetery upgrade improves drainage

A drive through the McClusky City Cemetery this fall shows the improvements the hard work of the McClusky City Park Board accomplished.

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First ever co-op homecoming spirit day held in Turtle Lake

Homecoming Friday, Spirit Day, started out with students getting their floats ready on the school grounds to join the parade that would showcase high school class spirit supporting their football team, the Cougars.

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Cougars plead "Don't rain on our parade"

The homecoming parade was sprinkled upon, and then poured upon, without dampening the spirits of the hundreds of children and adults lining the street.

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2016-17 school year off to good start

A new bus, three new teachers, pre-school startup, newly-updated student handbook, and 20 students participating in sports so far this year, denotes a good start for the McClusky Public School in 2016, according to the Board of Education.

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MHS Homecoming events

McClusky High School held its 2016 Homecoming Week Sept. 19-23. Coronation was on Monday afternoon. The candidates were Alex Naser, Skylar Simes, Connor Jerkovich, Tyler Jerkovich, Lane Rhoads, and Stefon Scheurer. Naser and Jerkovich were crowned queen and king.

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Conflicts resolved on north road issues

The Commissioners Room at the Sheridan County Courthouse filled to seating capacity and beyond during the afternoon of the September commission meeting.

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Last Farmers Market

Last Wednesday was the last day of McClusky Farmers Market.

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