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Board meeting handles personnel changes​

The board approved Principal Dan Klemisch’s retirement and resignation from his position at McClusky School District. He told the board on March 7, he appreciated the privilege of teaching at McClusky, the longest job stay he had ever had, and that he also never had to interview for the position.

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Abatement issues in commission meeting

Two abatement requests were addressed in the Sheridan County commission meeting on March 8. The first request to be addressed was attended by county property owner John Stober and Connie Stober.

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Cookies bring felony, misdemeanor charges

Cookies given to unsuspecting individuals resulted in a Class B felony charge for willfully delivering the controlled substance marijuana.

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Raffle and stew fundraisers priority park business

The stew noon meal fundraiser on February 26 was one of two main issues discussed at the February 21 monthly meeting of the McClusky Park Board.

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Grand show for FFA centennial observance

An impressive, formal presentation of Future Farmers of America (FFA) at its finest welcomed those who attended the FFA Awards banquet on February 23.

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Emergency cookie run

It was shortly after midnight Thursday (12:03 a.m.), February 23, when the McClusky ambulance and Sheridan County Sheriff were called to the Union Bar west of McClusky.

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AFLAC agent new McClusky Merchants Association member

Introduced by McClusky Merchants Association President Jeff Martwick on Thursday, February 23, Jamie Klettke is the newest member of the group.

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Walking path progress

The long-researched walking trail project of the McClusky Job Development Authority and project leader Deb Rhoads heard of progress on making the effort a reality.

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Viable health care for patients and community

Patrick Butler, current CEO of Northland Community Health Center, has been with the organization since 2012. Since that time, the number of employees has risen from 32 to 80 and the number of delivery sites, which includes medical, dental and mental health, now includes Turtle Lake, McClusky, Rolla, Rolette, Minot, Bowbells, Ray and Bismarck.

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Football was the theme for Family ELA Night

Last Thursday, McClusky Public School held its Family ELA Night at the high school gym. It had been postponed from late November due to a blizzard.

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