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It's all in the ordianance

Garrison city officials have asked their attorney, Jim Wilson, to begin the task of updating the city’s ordinances.

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Fund drive continues

The coming year, 2016, is one that could see a difference being made in the lives of many less fortunate families in McLean County.

Posted 12/29/15 (Tue) read more »

Woman crafts delicious looking candles

Marilee Beavers has a knack for confusing your brain with her mouthwatering candles.

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Decorating for doughnuts

Garrison High School Principal Steve Dangel likes Christmas.

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Rensch Farm Store sold

A family tradition in Garrison that’s spanned more than 62 years is coming to a close.

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County tax statements mailed

The 2015 McLean County Real Estate Tax statements have been mailed.

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Eligibility, a priority

Eligibility requirements for Garrison High School athletes is being put under the microscope.

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County limits spending

McLean County is tightening its belt the last month of the year, approving very few new expenditures that haven’t already been approved with the current year’s budget.

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Base water rate inreases

The base rate consumers pay for water in Garrison is going up next month.

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Couple gets engaged during Dickens Festival

It was a cold, crisp, biting day, inches of snow on the ground, a day deep in November.

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