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Taxable sales take a tumble

Taxable sales figures in McLean County had a mid-course adjustment for the first quarter of 2015.

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Frontier gardens

Giving a historical insight to how life used to be lived in the area are the recently planted gardens in Fort Stevenson State Park, located west of the Guardhouse.

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Governor's Cup time

The 40th Annual N.D. Governor’s Walleye Cup Fishing Tournament is this weekend.

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White Shield powwow time

Drums pounding in the distance, dazzling multi-colored feathers blowing in the Sakakawea breeze and dancers pounding the earth in a thunderous dance.

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Let the chips fall

Street chip sealing will begin in the next few days in Garrison. ASTECH Corporation is in charge of the project.

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It’s time to cut it lose

The Max School Board would like to unload the rodeo grounds on the west side of the community.

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Football complex progress continues

The first football game of the season for the Garrison-Max Troopers is about eight weeks away.

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Garrison school staffing almost set

When the school year resumes in a few weeks, 11 new staff members will greet students at Garrison Schools. The only position left to fill is special education.

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Time is ticking

Time is ticking to get your meal tickets for the tasty Pitchfork Fondue and Burger & Brats Picnic. Monday (June 29) is your last day to buy tickets to the meals. Both meals are open to the public, however you can only purchase your meal tickets in advance.

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‘Your cooperative’ growth continues

Seventy is a good number if you are served by McLean Electric Cooperative.

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