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Property tax levy hearing set

A public hearing is Monday, Oct. 5, at 7:10 p.m., to consider increasing the 2016 City of Garrison property tax levy by 33.75 percent. The meeting is in conjunction with the next city council meeting.

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Things are going to get a bit corny in Garrison

Corn, hay and scarecrows will decorate Garrison’s City Park Saturday for the annual Corn, Wheels ‘N Grill Fest.

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Property taxes to go up

An ad in this week’s local papers indicating the county is looking at raising taxes 113.62 percent will probably raise a lot of eyebrows in McLean County.

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Sheriff’s department honors three

The McLean County Sheriff’s Department recently recognized three individuals who assisted at the scene of an incident where an intoxicated individual attempted to overpower Deputy Justin Cote during an investigation into a Driving While Impaired motorist complaint.

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Enrollments on the rise

Area schools are officially back in session. In most cases, school officials report a jump in enrollment from this spring.

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Levy, reserve fund proposed

The Garrison School District is losing the catch up battle.

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To the rescue

When Tom Bjornholt suffered a leg injury in a freak accident in June, he feared the worst, not wanting to admit that it would prevent him from accomplishing what every farmer lives for – bringing in the harvest.

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Sales, Use Tax vote Tuesday

Residents in the City of Garrison are asked to head to the polls Tuesday.

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Stretching skyward

Garrison’s new water tower has begun reaching to the sky.

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County expects revenue shortfall

McLean County officials expect to see a revenue shortfall of $500,000 for 2015. Last year it was $300,000 short.

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