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March ends with a roar

Over the years, a simple phrase has been used to describe the month of March. "In like a lion, out like a lamb," refers to a common March weather pattern.

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County elections to have contests

Three races will have contests during the Primary Election Tuesday, June 10. With the filing deadline approaching, Monday, April 7 at 4 p.m., three have filed for the county commission seat in District 1.

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School board accepts resignations

When Garrison School Board members were informed of two staff resignations Monday evening, those words were included as they accepted the resignations.

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Negotiations groundwork begins

Preliminary work continues as the Garrison School Board and Garrison Education Association prepare to sit down and negotiate a pact for the coming school year.

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Where people want to be

It seems everywhere you look in McLean County there’s some type of building going on. Homes, garages, storage buildings ….

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Missing person alert has tragic outcome

A report of a missing person who was last seen March 5 at the Roseglen Bar turned tragic this past weekend when the body of Robin Fox was found about a half mile from the tiny community in western McLean County.

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Water lines in deep freeze

There’s no questioning this winter has been one of the coldest on record. The frost line this year is deep – deep enough to cause three water service lines in the city to freeze.

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Restraining order denied

Judge John W. Grinsteiner ruled Tuesday that there is insufficient evidence to uphold a temporary restraining order filed against an Underwood School aide, Lisa Auck, by Deborah Henderson, who has three children attending school in Underwood.

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Whose land is it anyway?

Two meetings about whether land around Lake Sakakawea and Lake Oahe should be transferred to someone other than the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers came with different responses.

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Land transfer hearing March 4

The first in a series of hearings on a proposed land transfer to the Three Affiliated Tribes and other "excess" U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land will be March 4 in New Town and Garrison and March 7 in Beulah.

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