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Extreme cold

One characteristic of North Dakota weather is that it is subject to change – sometimes quickly and dramatically.

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Cattle confiscated

McLean County authorities and the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association continue to investigate an alleged abuse of livestock in the Butte area.

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There’s no place like home

Just a few months ago, the Garrison Convention and Visitors Bureau was part of the first ever KXMC Fall Sports Show. While the show was small, the interest shown in Garrison by those who stopped left those who staffed the booth with smiles on their faces.

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Dahl to lead Garrison’s chamber

When the calendar page turns at the end of the month, Karen Araya will have completed her term as 2013 Garrison Chamber of Commerce president.

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Garrison Fire Department dispatched to oil well fire

It’s something Garrison firefighters didn’t expect to hear – at least for a few years anyway. But when county dispatch directed the Garrison Fire Department to respond to an oil well fire west of Garrison at 12:25 p.m., Dec. 12, a number of firemen took a deep breath, fearing they were about to experience something they had only given a fleeting thought to.

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Lending an ear to constituents

The future of the country and debt burden that will be passed on to future generations is on the mind of one Garrison area couple. It’s also a concern for North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer.

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County law enforcement going high tech

The McLean County Sheriff’s Department will soon have state and federal policies at its fingertip.

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Property tax statements mailed

McLean County property owners should have received in the mail this past week their annual tax statement from the county auditor’s office. Do you have yours yet?

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Which way to turn?

Guidance from the state’s Economic Development and Finance Division director this past week could go a long way in giving the ad hoc Vision West Committee direction as it plots its future in the county.

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McLean rejoins coal counties

McLean County is back on board with the Coal Conversion Counties.

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