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Disaster preparedness

It was only a drill, but for those who participated in Tuesday afternoon’s mock disaster, it was real, and done in real time.

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Money issues top board

How much is enough to have in the bank? Steve Seidler, Garrison school board member, said Tuesday evening he thinks $678,000 might not be enough.

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Paying it forward

A 1 percent tax approved by Garrison voters in 2006 could pave the way toward paying the lion’s share of the cost for a new water tower in the community.

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Trailer court bustling

It’s a sight that hasn’t been seen since Boeing was in the area installing missile sites in the early 60s. The sight is a full Northview Trailer Court.

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School building plans get another look

The phrase “no pain, no gain” took on new life at a meeting of a group of school board members last week.

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Kansas man part of local effort for half century

Lloyd Everett is thinking about retiring. If he does, he’ll end a career that has spanned six decades. Even though he hails from Kansas, Lloyd’s work as a custom harvester has been bringing him to the local area for more than 50 years.

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Harvest shows mixed bag

Area producers are continuing to harvest small grains as weather provides only slightly drier conditions than what has been seen over the growing season.

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County school enrollments on upswing

Schools in McLean County, as well as McClusky and Lewis and Clark North Shore (Makoti and Plaza), are bucking the trend of declining enrollments around the state.

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Growth spurs housing activity

New homes, bustling activity on Main Street, full motel rooms, other construction projects abound.

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Sakakawea RV expanding

It’s no secret that the housing situation in the area is tight. Due to limited housing options, Sakakawea RV Park, just south of Garrison, is in the midst of an expansion project.

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