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Road issues continue to resurface

One of the main topics of concern during Monday’s McLean County Commission meeting can be summed up in a single word – roads.

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Proposal to build motel gets cold shoulder in Max

During a special meeting of the Max City Council, Russell Titus, Minot, said he would like to bring a new business to Max.

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Murder suspect is arrested in Garrison

A suspect wanted for the murder of his live-in girlfriend in South Sioux City, Neb., was arrested by McLean County authorities in Garrison Monday.

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Redistrict plan splits Garrison, Max

Carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey. That’s what McLean County could look like in regard to the latest proposed legislative redistricting lines for District 4 and District 8.

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City’s park board members resign

The shoe has dropped. All five members of the Garrison Park Board have resigned. The decision was made by board members at their meeting Oct. 12.

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Need lodging? Book ahead!

Unless visitors to the area are keen on the idea of sleeping in their vehicles, they best call ahead for reservations. Even then, there’s no assurance accommodations will be available.

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Fall ritual

Tranquility. A babbling brook in the quiet of a calm, clear, crisp fall day. In the brook swim dozens, no, hundreds of Chinook salmon, fighting, struggling to swim upstream against the strong current.

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Garrison object of redistricting tug-of-war

Garrison, and quite possibly Max, are smack dab in the middle of a political tug of war.

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City paves way for more street funding

It’s time to keep the streets in Garrison top priority. That’s why Garrison City council members decided Monday night to increase the amount budgeted for street repairs in the general fund from $52,000 to $77,000 – an increase of $25,000, or a jump of about 32 percent.

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Residents, supervisors battle over township roads

This spring’s flooding continues to cause stress on those affected by the aftermath. For those in Cameron Township, Ward County, matters came to a head in Douglas Monday morning.

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