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Speed reduction request declined

The speed limit along North Dakota Highway 37 on the south edge of Garrison will remain 45 mph.

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EMS Kid Strong - Called to Care

Called to Care is the theme of this year’s Emergency Medical Services Week.

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Farm Rescue provides relief in times of crisis

Leading up to an extensive neck surgery, Mike Melhoff had no idea how he was going to get his crop in the ground this spring.

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Airport renovation underway

Air traffic at the Garrison Airport is nonexistent this summer. That doesn’t mean it’s quiet.

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The aviator

Garrison’s Jerry Miller is one who looks to the sky. If he’s not farming, he’s often flying.

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Citizens request reduced speed for safety

A group of concerned citizens is asking that the speed limit along a portion of North Dakota Highway 37 be reduced from the present 45 mph to 25 mph.

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Kota Theater nears milestone

In the next few weeks, the Kota Theater in Garrison will set a milestone – the half-a-million-dollar mark in gross ticket sales.

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Ambulance Service heads to school

Garrison High School students are receiving some hands on training in first aid.

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Plains Ag purchases Lakeside Machinery

And the two shall become one.

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Access guarantees sought following land transfer

The horse left the barn. That was the take by the Friends of Lake Sakakawea board Friday when they met with the representatives of state and federal agencies, the Tribe and congressional delegation.

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