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City zoning sets limits

Sometimes falling victim to big dollar signs can lead to violations and fines.

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Dollar signs almost dupe local cabin owner

A Garrison cabin site owner found out the hard way that an offer from a oil business to rent her house for a year was just too good to be true.

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Wanted: Service members info

Visitors to Garrison, or residents who want to find names of family members or loved ones on the Veterans Memorial Wall at the Garrison City Auditorium have to hunt and peck.

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Class schedule sticking point

Negotiations with Garrison educators this year are not strictly about the dollars in their paychecks.

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Attorney courted

The City of Garrison offers a wide variety of services, but in recent years, there is one service that has been about as illusive as that record walleye in Lake Sakakawea, the services of an attorney on a regular basis.

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Fine levied against West McLean Insurance

West McLean County Farmers Mutual Insurance Company, Minot, along with Family Mutual Insurance Company, have each been fined $10,000 for insuring property outside their territory and insured commercial properties inside the limits of an incorporated city.

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Teacher pay, benefits still being negotiated

Amiable conversations two nights earlier turned to angst April 25.

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Superintendent hired at Max

Max has a new superintendent. School officials got a chance this past week to sit down with their top candidate to be the school’s next administrator.

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Pay package gets first look

If Garrison teachers and board members agreed Wednesday night on next year’s salaries, one negotiator said it will be the quickest settlement in 10 years.

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Ryder annex plan to Max fails

The verdict is final, and a segment of land of the Lewis and Clark School District in the Ryder area that supporters hoped would be annexed to Max will remain as is.

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