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Plan A – keep the family together

Bump! The bump, not audible, is an increase in the number of students attending school in Garrison.

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Enrollment grows

When the Garrison School opens its doors for a new year on Monday, it will see an influx of new students – to the tune of nearly 50.

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School bond issue imminent

It’s full steam ahead on school building improvements that for the time being won’t cost the taxpayers anything extra. But that’s just until a bond issue can get a pass from the voters.

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EPA approves permit for Makoti refinery

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved a key permit for the proposed petroleum refinery on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation near Makoti.

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BLFG to hear 2nd proposal for community foundation

A second proposal to affiliate a community foundation in Garrison with a larger non-profit 501(c)3 organization in the state was scheduled to be submitted at a public meeting of Better Living for Garrison, Inc., on Wednesday of this week.

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Ice rink won’t be built by pool

Among the first orders of business during Monday’s Garrison City Council meeting was an unsuccessful attempt by park board members to have a recent council decision reversed.

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Plans revealed for business expansion

The face of Max’s business district changed last week when the Max Cafe building was moved to the east end of Main Street.

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Max Cafe moves downtown

Less than a month ago, during the Max All-School Reunion, visitors and residents congregated at several locations around the city.

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Principal hired

Third time’s the charm, the Garrison school board found Monday evening. Jim Upgren, 34, of Coon Rapids, Minn. was hired Monday as the new junior high/high school principal.

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Principal hiring in limbo

It looked like a slam dunk. Three qualified candidates, all available at public-board interviews, school still six weeks from starting. The vote was close in the selection, but a clear candidate emerged.

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