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Ryder annex plan to Max fails

The verdict is final, and a segment of land of the Lewis and Clark School District in the Ryder area that supporters hoped would be annexed to Max will remain as is.

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Elevator merger put on hold

The proposed merger of the Falkirk Farmers Elevator and Hazen Farmers Elevator with CHS/Garrison Farmers Union Elevator could fall through.

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Corps begins April with full capacity of flood control storage

Unusually warm and dry conditions in the Missouri River basin during the month of March resulting in below normal runoff into the mainstem reservoir system for the first time since November 2010.

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Super Valu announces expansion

There’s just no more room, and that’s why the owners and manager of Garrison’s Krause’s Super Valu are planning a major expansion project. The plan is for construction to begin this summer, if not sooner.

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‘Boxtops’ pay dividends

Who says learning has to be having your nose stuck in a book, reading all those black letters on a white page. Why can’t it be fun?

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Residents receive assessment notices

It’s like the children’s tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Not too cold, not too hot … just right.

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Should Garrison hire an administrator or manager?

Does the City of Garrison need to change the makeup of its governing body? More specifically, should the city hire a manager or administrator?

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Ready, set, start planting

Let the planting season begin – and it’s still in March. Last year, most farmers were lucky to get into the field by May.

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Bullying pushed to the spotlight

School officials at Garrison are in the process of developing a bullying policy.

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Living on the edge of the bite

Slow and steady stays the course. And that’s probably how most residents in McLean County feel when it comes to oil activity as it encroaches into the county.

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