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Merger proposed

A merger of two area cooperatives is planned that would join CHS/Garrison Farmers Union Elevator and Falkirk Farmers Elevator. It would also include the Falkirk Farmers Elevator terminal in Hazen.

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Development concerns township

Three residents from the northwest portion of the county visited county commissioners during the last regular commission meeting with a concern that a development was coming into their area.

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Growth ahead

That’s the message delivered to those who attended the annual meeting of the Garrison Area Improvement Association (GAIA) Monday evening.

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Garrison man apprehended in local heist

A 22-year-old former Garrison man who recently moved to Bismarck is in custody in Mountrail County, awaiting extradition to McLean County, for his part in the burglary of a Garrison business.

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Convert to digital or close

It began with silent movies, then came “talkies.” Black and white became color.

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Countdown to a record?

Can Lake Sakakawea make it another week without being officially called completely frozen over?

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Jazz ensemble going incognito

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is coming to the Garrison High School Music Department’s jazz ensemble. It’s receiving a composition written specifically for them by a musician/composer who now lives in Los Angeles.

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Council extends its jurisdiction

The City of Garrison’s reach just got a little broader.

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School officials move on bond issue

No more toes in the swimming pool to check to see if the water is too warm or too cold. Garrison school board members are ready to jump in with both feet.

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Snow business, slow business

There’s no business like snow business – that is unless there’s no snow.

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