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Residents receive assessment notices

It’s like the children’s tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Not too cold, not too hot … just right.

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Should Garrison hire an administrator or manager?

Does the City of Garrison need to change the makeup of its governing body? More specifically, should the city hire a manager or administrator?

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Ready, set, start planting

Let the planting season begin – and it’s still in March. Last year, most farmers were lucky to get into the field by May.

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Bullying pushed to the spotlight

School officials at Garrison are in the process of developing a bullying policy.

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Living on the edge of the bite

Slow and steady stays the course. And that’s probably how most residents in McLean County feel when it comes to oil activity as it encroaches into the county.

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Full-time kindergarten proposed at Garrison

Youngsters ready to enter kindergarten this fall at Garrison will hit the ground running.

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Marina slip rates decided

Boat owners who want to rent a slip at either marina at Fort Stevenson State Park, or Lewis and Clark State Park near Williston, can breathe a sigh of relief

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‘Stranger danger’ awareness

This past week, area youngsters were introduced to an important subject – stranger danger.

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E-mailing among officials riles commissioner

Julie Hudson-Schenfisch was on a mission. As a McLean County commissioner and a board member of the N.D. Association of Coal Conversion Counties, she repeated her message again and again: e-mailing among members was a violation of the open meetings law.

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‘Camper’ residents local asset

This winter there is a new phenomenon in the Garrison area – RV parks that are filled with camping trailers. Not only are the mobile structures on site, many are occupied – not a typical situation during the winter months.

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