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The Mission Builders are moving at God’s speed with their project at Camp of the Cross southwest of Garrison. Progression of the new dining hall is moving right along.

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Barking up the right tree

Best friends, Bella Wimer (Kindergarten) and Raelynn Maki (1st grade), are showing their love for animals in a very helpful way.

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Why is Johnny getting bad grades?

The numbers are staggering.

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BFLG names Wilderness its signature project

Earlier this year, Garrison received a $80,000 Transportation Alternative Program grant for a proposed walking/hiking/biking trail in Wilderness Park.

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Ordinance Officer OK'd

City officials in Garrison would like their ordinances enforced to the fullest.

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Homecoming parade Friday

Trooper homecoming is underway in Garrison.

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An upside down system

For Frank Felix, things are getting out of hand in the White Shield area.

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Community loses a visionary

A man described by those who knew him as dedicated to his business, Garrison State Bank & Trust, and his community, has died.

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Local cowboy celebrates 85 years

Jack Walcker, of rural Turtle Lake, celebrated his 85th birthday on Aug. 27. While turning 85 is pretty special, Walcker who has a love for horses and the western way of life, is still training horses to drive. On his 85th birthday he trained a Tennessee Walking horse to drive who is owned by a good friend of Walcker.

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Help wanted

Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs. There are apply within signs, help wanted signs and cashiers wanted signs around Garrison.

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