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Former sheriff under investigation

Former McLean County Sheriff Don Charging is under investigation for purchasing and selling multiple assault rifles to individuals.

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Par-Tee-Fore wins Ladies Scramble

Tami Engel, Della Erickson, Marlene Remillard and Anita Haakenson are this year’s winners of the Ladies Prairie Scramble at the Garrison Golf Course.

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Out-of-district tuition levy proposed

Out-of-district enrollment fees are taking a bite out of Garrison School’s general fund, dollars that are used for all operating costs throughout the district.

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Max bank to close

Come Friday, Oct 28, the community of Max will no longer have a banking institution.

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Trail goes for review

After taking a short breather, plans for a proposed walking/hiking/biking train for Wilderness Park are back on the path to reality.

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Dressing up for school

With school bells set to ring in less than a month school officials at Garrison say they are about ready to welcome students back from their summer vacation.

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From Willie to Wally to Get Hooked

What's a little friendly competition? This proved to be Garrison's favorite way to find a logo and a brand, and how the big fish on the water tower came to be.

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No horsing around

What would you like to be when you grow up?

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Well is it time?

Is it time for the Garrison School District to invest in a well to draw water that would irrigate the football field, and possibly the adjacent Little League and Legion baseball fields?

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Annual fireworks display suspended

There will be no Fourth of July fireworks display at Fort Stevenson State Park this year.

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