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Loving rural health: babies to elders

With a strong background in nursing and continuing her education to secure her nurse-practitioner credentials (FNP-C), Kerri Benning is doing what she loves best.

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Building memories one derby at a time

Turtle Days and its turtle races are also the time for racing in the local soapbox derby.

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Local softball team places well

The McLean McHenry Mutual Ins. Team of Turtle Lake had a "pretty successful year," According to Linda Huelsman. The team took fourth in the McQuade’s Softball Tournament in Bismarck in June and third in the Rec II Division of the State Softball Tournament in Jamestown in August.

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Counseling services offered locally

Northland Community Health Center is offering professional counseling two days a week in McClusky Clinic and one day each week in Turtle Lake Clinic.

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Policies and purpose mark Zimmerman patient philosophy

Global studies, public health work, AmeriCorps, and violence prevention in schools give most a good insight into the philosophy and personality of new Northland Community Health Center’s (NCHC) Medical Director Dr. Amy Zimmerman.

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New job as bulk driver leaves time for band

The best thing about his new job as bulk driver for Turtle Lake Farmers Union, said Tim Britton, is the "awesome commute."

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Faba bean economics addressed at Legume Logic pulse tour

Will faba beans prove fabulous?

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Easy smile and a quiet way

One can almost imagine an animal quickly tuning into the calm nature of McClusky’s newest veterinarian at the Sheridan Animal Hospital. Andrea Lee, soon to be Schlafmann, would be hard pressed to choose between cattle and horses for her favorite choice in animals to treat.

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Ready to Relay for Life at Brekken

If you or someone you know have battled cancer or they lost the battle, there is a world of support, information, and things to help you deal with the circumstances of the situation.

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The soldier, the artist, the sculpture

It was a day of families: the family of John Schafer; the family of artists; the family of veterans; and the family of community support that reached out across the nation and then into Canada by early the next day.

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