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Hunger Ride raises $10,000 to aid ELCA fight against hunger

Reverend Taryn Montgomery from Bread of Life Lutheran Church in Minot spearheaded the #Hunger Ride idea along with Lisa Plorin of Upham.

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Willie’s thank you tomatoes

A lot can happen in a year.

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Hot day for Turtle Races

Turtle Races were held for Turtle Days on July 9 on a hot day. The 2016 Turtle Races had 102 turtle entries in the area west of Harry’s Auto Service..

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Turtle Days vendors occupy downtown area

With enthusiastic leadership for individual vendors and their wares by Vikki Neff-Tolbert, Turtle Days promises a variety of shopping in the nearly 30 booths scheduled for Saturday, July 9.

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It's time to line up

Parades, walks, and races are ready to roll for Turtle Days on Saturday, July 9.

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Cody Charles Band for Turtle Days dance

One of the most attended, and most often rained out, Turtle Days events, is the Saturday night dance on Main Street.

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Royalty making hay while the music plays

The Turtle Days royal couple of Wayne and Sue Schlafmann are a family-strong duo.

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Cave Quest Bible School a hit with youth

The Trinity Bible School program was a hit again, both for the number of children attending, the work that organizers put into the design of the program, and the appreciation of the community at the program.

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Chamber finalizes Turtle Days plans

With a report of well done for the past month’s bike fest and the more recent city-wide rummage sale, the Chamber of Progress moved on to Turtle Days plans.

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Butte American Legion honors soldiers in six rural cemeteries

Early risers on Memorial Day came in uniform to the American Legion Post # 270 of Butte, to start their traditional march starting at the Kongsberg Cemetery and ending up in Butte

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