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Land transfer hearing March 4

The first in a series of hearings on a proposed land transfer will be March 4 in New Town and Garrison and March 7 in Beulah.

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Fashion coming to Main Street

Coulee Creek Designs known for its one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry and traveling boutique will soon have a more permanent place to call home when doors for its New Town location open on February 7, 2014.

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Four generations of heroes

Nathan Paul Good Iron of Mandaree knows something about service. For four generations, his family has served the United States in the military and were wounded in battle.

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Henrikson remains in custody; bond pending

A five-time convicted felon, James Henrikson, 34, of Watford City, remains in custody at the Burleigh County Detention Center in North Dakota on a firearms charge. He was arrested on Jan. 18 after the FBI raided and seized multiple pistols, shotguns and a rifle from his Watford City home.

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Development plans taking off

The New Town City Council heard about plans for projects that are taking shape in New Town at its most recent regular meeting.

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Wanted: Comments on Main Street upgrades

Years in the making.

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Hand Games Tournament a cultural competition

Drums resounded in the cafeteria of the Edwin Loe Elementary School in New Town as competitors stared intently at the faces of the opposing team, looking for the smallest twitch of an eyelid or quiver of a lip that could betray the thoughts and reveal the whereabouts of the marked bones.

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More retail space on the way

In about 60 days, New Town might be seeing an uptick in retail sales. That’s when developer Frank Silletti thinks his new strip mall on Main Street will be open for business.

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Study program making an impact

The new program the New Town school system is using to track unfinished assignments is having an impact on student performance, according to principals who spoke at the school board meeting Tuesday.

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Ranchers tend to cold cows

Contrary to rumors, says Mountrail County Extension Agent Jim Hennessy, it didn’t get so cold out this week that local cattle were producing ice cream.

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