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Fire department welcomes new pumper, fire chief

After 36 years of service for the Underwood area, the tired-out 1976 pumper truck will no longer be the main line of defense against minor or major fires.

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Training business finds home in Underwood

It wasn’t exactly the most prime location in the state.

Posted 6/07/12 (Thu) read more »

Courthouse savers draw line

The gauntlet has been thrown down.

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McLean County Crime on the climb

It’s going up and up, and where it will stop, nobody knows.

Posted 5/30/12 (Wed) read more »

School to go ‘wireless’

After multiple school board members had trouble connecting to the internet at last Tuesday night’s regular board meeting, it didn’t take a whole lot of convincing from technology coordinator Lee Weisgarber to get the board to approve some upgrades to the school’s computer system.

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Property selling like hotcakes

Commissioners sold six city-owned lots during the regular Underwood city commission meeting on Monday night.

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Underwood native returns to supervise daycare

Finding qualified people to fill jobs in a small town like Underwood can often require recruitment from afar.

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You could rename Lincoln Park Motel

If you’ve ever wanted to make a name for yourself or just make a name in general, now is your chance. The new owner of the Lincoln Park Motel, David Cuttler and the new manager, Dawn Schafer, are asking you to give the motel a new name.

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Nearly 50 locals beautify Underwood

A touch up here and there went a long ways to making Underwood a cleaner, brighter and more inviting place to work and play last Saturday

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Schools addressing staffing matters

How many is too many?

Posted 5/09/12 (Wed) read more »