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School to go ‘wireless’

After multiple school board members had trouble connecting to the internet at last Tuesday night’s regular board meeting, it didn’t take a whole lot of convincing from technology coordinator Lee Weisgarber to get the board to approve some upgrades to the school’s computer system.

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Property selling like hotcakes

Commissioners sold six city-owned lots during the regular Underwood city commission meeting on Monday night.

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Underwood native returns to supervise daycare

Finding qualified people to fill jobs in a small town like Underwood can often require recruitment from afar.

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You could rename Lincoln Park Motel

If you’ve ever wanted to make a name for yourself or just make a name in general, now is your chance. The new owner of the Lincoln Park Motel, David Cuttler and the new manager, Dawn Schafer, are asking you to give the motel a new name.

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Nearly 50 locals beautify Underwood

A touch up here and there went a long ways to making Underwood a cleaner, brighter and more inviting place to work and play last Saturday

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Schools addressing staffing matters

How many is too many?

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Commissions meet over polling site question

On Monday night, when the Underwood City Commission was looking for someone to blame for the fact that Underwood isn't going to have a polling site for the upcoming election in June...

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Underwood Farm Supply adds more hardware

The Cottinghams, Earl, Janice and Steve, at Underwood Farm Supply have been in the business of farm parts and equipment for many years.

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School seeks additional special ed position

An increase in special needs students prompted the Underwood School Board to approve looking for one additional teacher to help with the added load.

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Property values upped by (at least) 3 percent

After the April 16 tax equalization meeting in Underwood, it’s likely most Underwood home and/or property owners are glad their property is in Underwood rather than Garrison, at least as far as property taxes go, as Garrison’s property values were increased by the Board of Equalization by 12 percent, whereas Underwood’s went up an across-the-board minimum of 3 percent following recent assessments required by state law.

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