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One more farmer rescued

Thankful is the farmer and his family who is a beneficiary of Farm Rescue and its state of the art equipment.

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Who pays the one percent?

On June 14, when Velva residents are voting for their commission members, they will be faced with the question of whether or not to they are willing to raise the city sales tax rate from one to two percent.

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City commission meets

It was a short meeting for the Velva City Commission last Monday as members quickly handled several items of business.

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Harvest begins

According to the North Dakota Wheat Commission, spring wheat harvest continues at an above average pace across the region.

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Thar she blows!

Winds up to 70 mph tore through the region last Tuesday, July 28, uprooting trees, tearing the shingles off houses, damaging crops, and generally making a mess.

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Thompson Square is on its way

Keifer Thompson, half of the husband and wife duo Thompson Square, had just finished writing a song for the pair’s new upcoming album when he called from Nashville for a chat.

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Fundraisers for Gracelyn

Gracelyn Aschenbrenner, five year old daughter of Dave and Lynne Aschenbrenner, rural Sawyer, was found nonresponsive in the Velva swimming pool on Monday, June 8.

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Four generations and 100 years

It’s rare to find a small business that can last a century, and even harder to find one that has remained in the same family for that entire time.

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Complaints about too much law enforcement

A number of local residents were on hand at last Monday’s regular meeting of the Velva City Commission.

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Incident at Velva pool

A five-year old girl was found unresponsive in the Velva Swimming Pool

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